Our Story

Our company’s roots go back to the era of the Beatles and Otis Redding. In 1968, we began as a background music company. Over the years we added AV services as well as security products. In 2014, Nikki Johnson spun off the AV division from the security company and formed an independent company called Sound and Media Solutions. Accompanying her were four key associates; together they became a full-service Commercial AV Integrator. Two additional talented team members have since joined, and share in our mission to create the ultimate AV experience for our customers.

We are a certified woman-owned business offering a local partnership through the delivery of background music and the design and installation of AV systems in Rochester, Minnesota and beyond. Our service area extends to Northern Iowa, Western Wisconsin and Southern and Central Minnesota.

Our Mission & Our Values

Our mission is to solve problems and provide a better experience for our customers by delivering astounding high-tech AV solutions in an easy-to-use platform.

Core Values are to:

Continuously Improve by embracing change with an open mind and focusing on providing a better experience for our customers.

Be Accountable by living by the highest standard of integrity and accepting personal responsibility of ourselves and the outcomes that result.

Support One Another by collaborating as a team through respectful and honest communication displaying a positive can-do attitude rooted in cooperation and a shared vision.

Work Hard to cultivate authentic relationships with our customers by going the extra mile, determining what we can do to add value – then doing it.

Solve Problems by identifying issues and focusing on positive solutions with creativity and persistence.

What we value

Principles of Our Work

Proven Reliability

We have proven reliability in our products and our people.

Stand Behind What We Sell

We stand behind what we sell by providing local, personalized support.


We have a broad range of AV capabilities making us your one-stop-audio-video-shop!

Cutting-Edge Technology

We provide cutting-edge technology that’s easy to use.


We don’t just complete projects, we build partnerships with our customers.


Markets Served

We have a long history of designing and installing AV systems in businesses large and small including Warehouse and Manufacturing, Education, Health Care, Retail, Restaurants and Corporate facilities.