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“Sound and Media Solutions did a great job designing a sound masking system for our open concept office space, it’s working like magic in the background. And we are very pleased with the video conferencing system they installed, the system is super easy for anyone to use and it makes it easier for us to connect with other offices and clients.” Steve Erchul, Managing Principal | Smith Schafer
Smith Schafer

Featured Project:

Smith Schafer & Associates

The new Smith Schafer office in Rochester is beautiful, however, like many offices with an open space concept, it had some acoustic challenges. We designed and installed a Sound Masking system. Sound masking, often referred to as “Speech Privacy” is a great tool for minimizing what you hear between work spaces. You may still hear noises and voices, but will not be able to hear what people are saying, keeping their business private.

Smith Schafer has multiple locations, and each of the other offices have our video conferencing solution so they can easily and clearly communicate between them. For this new location, we designed a full board room video conference system centered around a Poly system. This system has an all-in-one sound/video bar with video conferencing tools built in, including microphone, speaker and a camera that follows the person talking. All this is controlled from their keyboard and mouse connected wirelessly to the mini computer.

They are now able to connect with their other offices and clients via any platform, i.e. Zoom, Teams or any preferred solution.

This Poly system provides a great all-in-one solution for small to mid size conference rooms and delivers state of the art video and sound that is dynamic and easy-to-use.