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``Everything from getting us into the correct equipment, to the training on it, to the service afterwards has far exceeded our expectations. We appreciate you!`` Tim Malone, MS/HS Assistant Principal
Stewartville High School

Featured Project:

Performance Art Center AV System

The Stewartville high school had not had an upgrade to their auditorium since the PAC was built over 20 years ago. The sound quality was dated, and they wanted clear and dynamic sound that was easy to use. They host performances in their auditorium and wanted to offer an easy-to-use system with little to no education needed to master the system.

We installed a BiAmp system with touch screen and set up dual modes; presentation, and performance mode. The presentation mode is for their facility and staff to easily hook their laptops up for grab and go presentations. The performance mode is for those events using the facility for concerts and performances. They even have Cloud Sound Effect speakers in the ceiling used only for theater presentations sound effects. We added a massive screen with low voltage control. Now they have state of the art, easy-to-use touch screen customized for multiple needs. The system sounds amazing, and all the right people can easily run the system that fits their role.

Gym Sound System

While we were their discussing the PAC center upgrade, they mentioned the Gymnasium system was also extremely outdated complete with tinny sounding speakers and unintelligible microphone. We installed a system they can connect their own audio sources that delivers dynamic crisp sound for their events and games.

School Board Chambers Video Conference

They had issues with the way people were seeing their meetings, the delivery was cumbersome and complicated for the person running the meetings. It was challenging to show the school board members and the presentation. We simplified the system and installed an easy-to-use system they could broadcast live on YouTube, and connect via Zoom or any third party video conference systems. With the addition of new microphones and speakers in the room they now have great quality on both sides and have professional looking AV presentations.