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“I can't even tell you how much we have appreciated the work. We have gotten SO MANY compliments on the sound and especially the audio/video quality of our livestream! It is such a needed improvement, and we couldn't be happier! Your staff worked REALLY hard out here and we just truly appreciate his attention to detail and satisfaction! You guys have been just awesome!” Pastor Pete, South Zumbro
South Zumbro Lutheran Church

Featured Project: South Zumbro Lutheran Church

The AV System at South Zumbro Lutheran Church in Kasson needed an overhaul. Their old system was separated into two parts that controlled the AV for the chapel and the gathering area. We proposed a new system that would cleanup and streamline the AV System. We were able to utilize some of their existing video equipment that was not outdated. We added digital signal processors to handle all the audio inputs and outputs and easy-to-use control panels. The control panels allow authorized users to choose sources and adjust volumes. The software allows owner full control via their computer to manage input sources and levels to include volume gain and mute functions for mics.

We included a custom-built digital mixer board, new choir and piano microphones with stands, wireless mic, DSP to enhance the audio experience. We also added a full video system. The PTZ HD Video Camera can now provide video for the purpose of real-time video to the projector in the gathering/overflow space; and video for streaming to a third part streaming service. The web presenter system converts High Quality Professional video feed to be recognized as a webcam making connection to a computer for streaming extremely simply and easy. Their system sounds great, and they love the new livestream option, it really helps their members feel connected.