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``My staff and I can't believe what a difference the right music makes to the store and what it does for the shopping experience. I finally feel like the music matches the look and feel of the store.`` Mike, Carousel Floral, Rochester
Carousel Floral

Featured Project: Carousel Floral

Carousel Floral Gift & Garden was ready to freshen up their store floor and an upgrade to their sound system was just what they needed.

We started by updating their speakers and amplifier, the speakers were at least 20 years old and looked and sounded like they had seen better days. We replaced the speakers with today’s technology and added a new amplifier and accessible volume controls.

It was now time to tackle the music. They had previously been playing a CD they sold in their store. This created a great deal of repetition and did not have the upbeat tempo they desire for their retail space. We performed an imaging session with the owner to determine their desires for the space. Mike Zander wanted people singing along with the upbeat music so as to build on that family friendly environment of comfort and uniqueness. We created the perfect mix to help keep happy customer lingering in the store and shopping.

Mike now enjoys the Harmony music platform where he can easily make changes to his music from his phone or desktop. He expanded on the mixes we suggested and is now an expert music curator and is able to watch the music compliment his successful brand.