Freeborn Co Council Chambers

Freeborn County was in need of an AV upgrade in their Council Chambers. They wanted added control functionality, upgraded projector, new cameras with control, and video recording with high quality recording hardware and video transfer capabilities. We provided an easy-to-use high tech control system that saved time and added a higher level of professionalism to…

Dodge County Ice Arena

When the Dodge County Ice Arena initially contacted us, they were interested in taking their sound system to the next level to attain a more exciting game-time atmosphere. After getting their wish list on paper, we stared in on our design. We recently completed the installation of their new sound system just in time for…

Football Stadium Sound System

When the folks at Mayo High school called they were beyond frustrated with their outdated sound system in their stadium. The sound was cutting in and out, was muffled, hard to hear, and the dance squad couldn’t hear the music to dance to. We all agreed it was time for an upgrade. After new speakers, a new head-end with a password protected digital processing system and an easy-to-use wall control, it sounds fantastic and everyone is ready for football season to kick off.

Video Intercom System

This school, like many others, has a back door for dropping off and picking up kids from the early and late child care center. The problem was that they were forced to unlock the door in the early morning and after school, so the parents could get in, leaving the school  unlocked. We installed an AiPhone Video Intercom System with 2-way voice and a large 7-inch color monitor. Now the school can be secure, and the parents can get buzzed in remotely to drop off and pick up their kids, adding safety and convenience for all.

Crenlo Acoustic Panels

When we first visited this boardroom it was quite evident they had an acoustical issue. Between the large white board wall, glass door, mesh chairs and the low profile carpet, there was nothing to absorb sound and there was quite an echo. We installed Cloud Paintables™ on the ceiling and wall panels to help eliminate the echo. All the white we were able to maintain the modern sleek look of the room and keep it aesthetically pleasing.

Rochester Golf and Country Club Remodel

The RGCC remodeled their Bar and Restaurant area, we add new speakers and control for their audio sources. Now they can switch from their background music, to the TV audio for watching Golf, and to the wireless microphones for event announcements ll from one cool click touch pad. Sometimes it doesn’t take an entire sound system replacement, just some important modifications to make the AV System smarter.

Rochester Golf and Country Club Loop System

With this new Induction Loop System the guests attending events will be able to hear the program without any additional equipment; they just need to switch on their t-coil in their hearing devices. Those without t-coil hearing devices can request a headset. The audio is isolated and background noise is reduced improving the audio and improving the experience of the guests.

Rochester Subaru
Rochester SubaruRochester SubaruRochester Subaru

Rochester Subaru

When this new dealership opened they knew they had to have music to welcome their customers and enhance the car buying experience. We installed Bogen 2×2 in ceiling wall speakers throughout the showroom. These speakers blend right into the ceiling so they are aesthetically pleasing and sound great.